This chai-table book brings together a rich compendium of some of the world’s best ‘Authentic Ecolodges’. Thoroughly researched case-studies highlight exemplary practice in Ecolodge design, development and operations with a dynamic blend of stunning photographs, sketches and informative text. This essential information is presented in an accessible yet educational style which appeals to a wide cross section of industry stakeholders. This book promotes the high standards required for the planning, design and operation of ecolodges as well as providing fascinating insights for travellers to raise awareness and ensure that ecotourism continues to make an increasingly positive impact on poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and revitalized local economies.

The lodges in this book are from $15 a night to over $500 a night and so this book is an awesome resource ( the first table-book of its kind ) for people out there who want to go on a memorable vacation/honeymoon and make a difference at the same time. Having created the criteria system (2002) and definition of ecolodges (2005), Hitesh Mehta has now introduced in this book, the first ever International Ecolodge Rating System. Each ecolodge has been physically inspected and rated with a butterfly system. As such, travelers now can look at the ratings and choose to go to the ones that are the most environmentally and socially conscious properties in the world.

This is a one of a kind book and will make for a VERY special Diwali/ Idd/ Hanukkah/ Christmas/Wedding/ Birthday gift. The Author and Photographer Hitesh Mehta sifted through 24,000 of his photos to pick just over 300 for this book. Per his research, it is the most all-encompassing and holistic book ever created in the hospitality industry - Stunning photos, professional illustrations, site plans and text that has substance AND printed on environmentally friendly FSC certified paper!

The World Premier Book launch was in Portland last week (see photos below) and  book is already receiving rave reviews from travelers and professionals equally. The book is officially out in stores on Nov. 2nd   but there are great discounts for pre-release orders. You can order the book from this web site.

The Asian launch is first week of October, Australian launch is end of next month, Central and South American Launch is early November  and  Hitesh is doing a Europe/Africa  tour in late November/December.

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